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How to be an NQT on your first summer...

The holidays are here!  Six weeks of glorious rest, relaxation and refreshment, endless hours of soaking up the sun’s rays (if you’re going on holiday that is, we wouldn’t place much faith in picking up a tan in Salford) and generally just enjoying yourself!  But wait.  What if it’s your first summer as an NQT?  Sure - you’ve had summer holidays before, but you were in school yourself then, doing nothing was literally the required curriculum in those days… you’re a teacher now, what on earth is expected of you?!  Do you worry that you’re not doing enough?  Do you worry that you’re doing too much?  Do you worry about not worrying about either of these things?!  Regardless of your state, take a deep breath, we’ve got six calming Rs, from teachers who have been there before…

You’ll like the first three Rs, we promise… Rest, recuperate and reenergise! Hooray! Our first teaching source advises that “As you look forward to starting your first post in September, it's essential that you take time to rest, recuperate and re-energise at the start of the summer break. It’s important to spend time with your friends and family, or doing other things that you enjoy, so that you develop a healthy work-life balance.”  Now those are words that I’m sure we can all get on board with, remember, no matter how worried you are about the new start to the year, you’ve got to have some time to yourself, it’s heartily recommended!

The following three Rs are designed to ensure that you’re prepared for your new year and don’t walk in blind on that first September morning… Read, research and reflect.  It seems obvious, but this whole summer holidays lark is essentially one big balancing act.  Make sure that across those glorious 6 weeks that you do set apart some time to plan for that new school year, with our second teaching source recalling that, “One of the best things that I did across the first couple of weeks of the holiday was to read key information and research new topics that I was going to be teaching. Starting early gave me plenty of time to ask any questions I had or to find any information I needed. I took some time to consider how I was going to manage my time to plan, mark and assess work effectively as well as evaluating my class lists, so that I knew what expectations and routines I wanted to establish with them.  The planning took a couple of weeks, but I walked back into school far more confident and well prepared than I had been the previous year!”

To summarise, go straight down the middle.  Make sure you set aside plenty of time to indulge, visit family & friends and generally enjoy yourself, it’s a vital part of your holiday so don’t miss out on it!  Equally, to ensure that you can enjoy yourself fully without that nagging pang that you’ve not done enough, plan your first few weeks, research your new topics and make sure you know exactly what’s happening when you return through the school gates in a few weeks, it really will pay dividends!

If you’re an NQT still looking for a full or part time position as of September, do give us a call on 0161 413 7929 or 0151 556 7097; or take a look at our jobs page to see if we can help you with anything.  Our friendly team would be delighted to help get your summer holidays off to the very best of starts! 

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