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The Easter Classroom

You’ve had themed lessons for Halloween, Christmas and any other occasion that has conveniently popped up in the calendar recently, so how could you dash expectations by not providing a plethora of Easter crafts, new vocabulary, and worksheets?!   Your students will also likely be expecting Easter games.  But you are a teacher and you’d be letting the side down if these were just for “fun” when there are so many opportunities for learning to be had!  So, do you want to surprise your class AND give them opportunities to learn?  Then read on my intrepid friend…  

  1. Easter Faces
    A fabulous way to review face vocabulary and put their listening comprehension to the test. This activity requires some previous preparation at home as first, you’ll have to prepare some eggs. Make a hole on either end of an egg, blow out the inside, and rinse. In class, give each of your students an egg and tell them to get their markers ready. Give them step by step instructions on what they must draw:

    - Draw two big eyes
    - Draw a big nose
    - Draw eyebrows/glasses over the eyes
    - Etc…

    Then walk around the classroom and check to see if they followed your instructions correctly and pronounce a winner!

  2. Easter Egg and Spoon Race
    A classic among relay races, you may choose to adapt this one to suit your students’ ages, no one wants broken egg all over the year one classroom floor after all…  safer alternatives are likely to be hard-boiled ones, plastic eggs, or, if you’re feeling particularly benevolent, even chocolate eggs.  At this point it’s your classic race, so divide students into two teams with each team member racing to the finish line. The twist comes at the end where the winning team has to come up with ten Easter-related questions that the losing team has to answer.

  3. Wordy Easter Egg Hunt
    Do you feel that sometimes your students lack the words to say what they want to say? Here's your chance to provide some extra words via an Easter egg hunt!  First, write Easter related words in small slips of paper. Place each slip inside a plastic egg and then hide the eggs throughout the classroom or outside, if you can.  Then invite your students to participate in this eggs-hilarating egg hunt.  We make no apologies for that pun.  Once they’ve collected all the eggs, they open their eggs and take out the slips of paper. Their task is to write a story using the words they found in their eggs.

So, what do you think, would these games be an eggcellent addition to your classroom?  Or have we missed some absolute crackers?!  If we have, don’t get all hot & cross bunder the collar (we believe we deserve a medal for that pun), just contact the team on 0330 024 1343 or hello@mcginleyeducation.co.uk we can’t wait to hear all of your suggestions!

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