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The first half-term

Although it seems like no time at all, already the clocks have gone back, the X-Factor is back on TV and the Christmas period looms just over the horizon.  But where, oh where, has the time gone?!

Being an NQT can be scary.  Even the most experienced of teachers will explain how time flies at a rate of knots and it’s not uncommon to one minute be finishing off your summer cocktails before being told it’s time to get the mince pies out!  Fear not, you’re doing fantastically well, but make sure you take some time to think, assess and evaluate.  It can be easy to forget your achievements…

First off, it’s important to recognise that you’ve just completed the longest stint of the year.  The summer to October half-term is the longest half term of the academic year and you have established relationships with pupils, colleagues and parents. Although you’re still the new kid on the block as it were, you are now doing the job for which you have studied and trained and you’re doing it well.  So, take time to reflect on the moments that have given you the greatest sense of satisfaction.  Has a particular pupil come on leaps and bounds under your tutelage?   Was there a particular lesson that worked better than your wildest dreams?  Was it getting all your work done on time?  Whatever the achievement was, you have all attained one during this first half term, so pat yourselves on the back!

However, like all school breaks, half term will seem like a distant memory by break time on Monday morning, but remember this … the second half of the Autumn Term is (probably) going to be shorter and, therefore even more fast paced than the first. Your achievements will keep on piling up and you’ll continue to grow in stature… it’s an exciting time and you are just at the beginning!

If you’d like to know what NQT opportunities McGinley Education can offer you, why not ‘get in touch’ with our team?  We offer a range of roles across the North-West and can be contacted on 0330 024 1343 or hello@mcginleyeducation.co.uk

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