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The Five Gifts of Christmas

Once upon a time a shiny apple would be the only gift that would be bestowed upon a lucky teacher (and not just at Christmas time we might add); but as the festive spirit enters all our hearts once more, prepare yourself for the incoming onslaught of teaching related gifts.

As a teacher, your stocking is bound to be bulging with work-related presents from an army of well-wishers.  Even at this point, the most festive time of the year, Christmas morning should make it clear that teaching is a lifestyle choice, rather than an occupation with “lots of holiday” as members of the extended family are keen to remind you (who invited them?). 

Below, we list five of the most common presents that you should be expecting this year.  If you’re an NQT there will be spoilers

  1. Stationery
    There’s something strangely pleasing about a set of fresh highlighters, or new pencils so sharp they could take someone’s eye out. Bonus points to the gift-giver if they come in a pretty pencil case, too.

  2. The Staffroom Mug
    This may not be the most exhilarating of gifts, but we have yet to find a teacher who hasn’t heightened the enjoyment of their break-time tea as a result of drinking from their very own staffroom mug.  If you doubt its power, wait until you discover the visiting student teacher inadvertently using your mug and feel the rage of a thousand suns burn through you.

  3. A New Lunchbox
    Although you may spend most of the school day denying it, you are just the same as your students in many ways, therefore lunch is a necessity.  Being the height of cultural awareness, a stylish accessory to transport your sandwiches is a must. The best lunchboxes will score you kudos with your pupils with a nod to something as culturally interesting and relevant to them as it is to you: anything from Paw Patrol to The Kardashians, depending on the age you teach.

  4. Books About Teaching
    Books about teaching are one of two varieties, there is absolutely zero grey area here.  They are either serious ones, designed to improve you as both a teacher and a person or they are a “joke” book.  You will almost certainly begin reading the serious ones with the very best of intentions on Boxing Day.  You will almost certainly have given up an hour later to watch Home Alone 1 or 2 (never 3 or 4).  This is understandable.  

    The second variety is the “joke” book, full of witticisms about what it means to be a teacher. A glass or three of Baileys is ill advised before reading these; they are generally written by teachers and tend to be far closer to the truth than you'd like. 

  1. Wine/spa vouchers/box-sets
    These will likely be from the people you love most.  Hint hint.

Whatever the Christmas season chooses to bestow on you, remember that should you be looking for a new role, our team would be delighted to help you out, as well as discuss their own Christmas gifts. Give the team a call on 0330 024 1343 or drop us an email on hello@mcginleyeducation.co.uk.

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