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The Future of Education?

The technology revolution is all around us, but what does the future hold for Education?  We have our smart phones, our tablets and our constantly connected inter-connectivity.  But, apart from filling Apple’s bank balances and allowing us to watch videos of kittens all day - what has the technological revolution done for education? What will it offer the sector in the future?

Whilst not quite a terminator-style super future, analysts are predicting that over the next 20 years we are likely to see drastic change to the very heart of our education system due to technological advances.  One of the most sweeping changes being suggested could be the introduction of AI systems, with a more tailored learning experience the eventual goal for each student.  It has long been acknowledged that children learn in different manners and at different rates, with even Einstein once quoted as saying that “if you are trying to train a fish to climb a tree it is an impossibility, but that fish will spend its entire life thinking it is doing something wrong.” 

It is an unfortunate fact of life that, with such large class sizes and a lack of time to tailor a learning experience per child, there will be some children being taught to climb a tree they will never conquer.  Each of you would love to give each child the one-to-one time they deserve, but it is not a realistic expectation in the current climate.

AI however may be the key to the fish conquering the tree.  With teachers researching and providing the intuition an AI cannot, tailored learning programmes can be created.  Rather than a ‘one subject matter for all’ approach, children of the future may receive a personalised education that will become much faster and more enriching. You may have a student who can do calculus in primary school because the teacher/AI combination has realized the student has a mathematical sense.  A personalised education could change everything.

But what are your thoughts on the future of education?  Should research continue into creating a personalised learning environment?  How could the future change the role of teaching itself?  We’d love to hear from you!

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