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The Nativity

There's nothing more humbling at Christmas than watching children put on a nativity play. Parents see their little ones dressed up as sheep or angels, we can all have heated discussions about which child deserves to be selected as Mary or Joseph and, if there's a particularly liberal music teacher, the school can show off their non-traditional funky play with rapping donkeys and guitar playing camels. 

But regardless of what your school decides to do and even with painstaking hours of rehearsal, there can only be one guarantee.  At some point on show day, it will be unintentionally hilarious.  The difficult bit as an adult is to not burst out laughing. 
As we're well into the Christmas season now, we've collected some of the funniest stories from nativities around the country, changing the names of those involved to protect their modesty! 

As Mary, aged six, I slammed Baby Jesus head first into his manger with a big thump onto his head as we sang “laid down his sweet head” – Brenda 

"At our school's Nativity last year, Mary dropped Baby Jesus and he rolled across the stage, the donkey sulked throughout the entire show, the Roman soldier had a tantrum and the starry night backdrop fell down. Loved it –  it was perfect." –  Janet

"My three-year-old son was Joseph in the nativity at pre-school.  Just before he handed the “baby” back to Mary he looked down at it and gave it a great big whack around the chops!  It was mortifying. In real life, Henry quite likes babies." – Casey

"One year my son played Joseph and his best friend Ella was Mary. While Ella was cradling the Baby Jesus in her arms the doll’s head fell off and rolled under a chair.  The audience was weak but had to exercise composure with lots of stifled giggles breaking through hands on faces." – Sian

"One of the kids at our nursery played Joseph (dressed in a Liverpool kit due to a last minute refusal to wear a costume) and howled from the moment the wise men handed over the presents because he wasn’t allowed to open them." – Gemma.

"Last year one of our little boys was a wise man in the nativity but his gift was not delivered to the Baby Jesus – he unwrapped it himself.  Then he tried to mug the Angel Gabriel because he wanted her wand. To top it off, he didn’t want to be in the photo at the end, so he has his back to the camera while all the other children pose sweetly. Can’t wait for this year."– Catherine

Do you have any stories from this year's crop of Nativity's to compete with those?  Any prima donna Mary's, a starstruck Joseph or maybe just a scene stealing camel?!  Whatever it may be we'd love to hear from you, so drop us a line on 0330 024 1343 or email the education team at hello@mcginleyeducation.co.uk 

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