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The Teaching Titanic- Never Let Go...

And then Kate … lets go.  Were you not listening to him Kate?!

Some people would have you believe that she only promised to hold on to their ideological fledgling love, carrying Leo’s spirit in her heart forever.  These people are wrong.  Leonardo Di Caprio specifically said never let go.  There was plenty of room on that board for two as well...

Many teachers find themselves in a similar predicament (minus the luxury cruiser, the endless free time and Leonardo Di Caprio) and consequently appear to be letting go of the profession.  Long hours, ever-growing paperwork and limited recognition.  Although the long-term rewards are unquestionable, many teaching professionals are opting to jump ship rather than follow their passion … yet the profession is still worthwhile.

Yes there are budget cuts, yes there’s more paperwork than ever before and pressure to perform can be overwhelming.  It might currently be an ‘unappreciated’ task.  But there will be a generation of children who will forever remember your name.  They will forever recall the lessons you taught and summon up memories of how hard you worked years from now.  You will shape these children's future.  We want to help you find the school that will remember your efforts forever.

It’s incredibly tough, but don’t be Kate... hold on with everything you have!

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