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Three tips to help make your classroom look and feel awesome

It’s mid-August, and you’re a few weeks into your well-deserved annual ‘feet up’ time, formerly known as ‘the summer break’. But before you know it, it’ll be time to dust off the syllabus, don your proverbial teacher’s hat, and start planning for the new school term.

First up is to plan the look and feel of your classroom. So this week, we’ve decided to divulge a few tips that our teachers have found very useful in the past.

Apply your personality

Nothing is more important when planning a classroom than applying your personality to its general look and feel. Your teaching space should reflect who you are as person. So when you are choosing plants, wall art, and apparatus, pick the things that you believe work - don’t settle for what works for other people. Part of your job as a teacher is to entice the individual personalities out of each of your students. By applying your personality to your classroom, you are setting the example.

Give purpose to desk arrangements

There’s a wealth of advice available to teachers when it comes to arranging desks in your classroom. Whatever your choice, make sure your chosen arrangement has a real purpose. Whether you adopt the popular U formation (which ensures every child has a front seat), or co- operative areas of four desks pushed together, make sure you produce a layout that is the best environment for your pupils to learn.

Leave room for students’ work on your walls

The temptations many young teachers face when designing their classroom is to ‘over-decorate’ or ‘over-clutter’ their space. One of the best ways to encourage your pupils is to display their own work on your walls. So instead of buying pre-made posters, artwork and other inspirational objects, why not task your pupils with producing similar work that means that bit more to them? With a classroom full of inspired pupils, you could soon be congratulating yourself on making the right decision.

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